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We support your innovation process all the way from the review and built-up of the scientific and technical evidences to the activation of your data in scientific communications

Literature review

– Detailed analysis literature search
– Synthetic summary and perspectives in the field of nutrition, physiology, biochemistry, metabolism and biomedical applications of lipids, proteins and micronutrients

Scientific dossier & communication assets

– Expert support for the preparation of a scientific dossier for regulatory approval
(Novel Food, EFSA evaluation)
– Creation of communication material for authorities and health care professionals
– Support for the elaboration of clinical research protocols and scientific rationales

Scientific communication
& medical writing

– Manuscript (original paper, methods, scientific review) for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
– Support for the development of consumer communications, claims and other scientific marketing assets

Some examples of publications

Bioavailability of lipids, fat soluble nutrients and plant proteins.

Robert, C., Cou√ędelo, L., Vaysse, C. and Michalski, M.C., 2020. Vegetable lecithins: A review of their compositional diversity, impact on lipid metabolism and potential in cardiometabolic disease prevention. Biochimie, 169, p.121-132.

Maternal and infant nutrition.

Couedelo, L., Amara, S., Lecomte, M., Meugnier, E., Monteil, J., Fonseca, L., Pineau, G., Cansell, M., Carriere, F., Michalski, M.C. and Vaysse, C., 2015. Impact of various emulsifiers on ALA bioavailability and chylomicron synthesis through changes in gastrointestinal lipolysis. Food & function, 6(5), pp.1726-1735.

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– Basic and advanced training on lipid nutrition (plenary and online):

– Digestion & absorption of dietary lipids, influence of delivery forms

– Interaction between dietary lipids and gut microbiota

– The role of lipids in cardiovascular diseases

– Development of training module for corporate communication or educational purposes